Thoughts on coding, women in tech, STEM education, and start ups

You Don't have Impostor Syndrome
And neither do I anymore
Impostor Syndrome Is Not Just a Confidence Problem
The dangers of becoming a buzzword
The Dirty Secret Behind the Salesforce $1M Hackathon
How Not to Run a Hackathon
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Coding
5 Reasons Coding is Good for You
Adapted from a lightning talk at Women Who Code on the benefits of coding even if it's not your primary job
To Code or not to Code
My take on the debate of whether teaching everyone to code is a good thing (or not)
The Surprising Truth about Female Role Models
Why Marissa Mayer is a not a good role model for women in tech
Brogramming? No Thanks.
Rant about Brogramming
What it means to be a Woman in Tech
We need more women in tech not around tech
The Bad Kind of Affirmative Action
Side effects of affirmative action
Women-Led Start Ups Have Fewer Failures, What Does that Actually Mean?
A different explanation for why women-led start ups have fewer failures
How To Get Tweeted By Dave McClure
A Founder Labs experience
Do Not Date an Entrepreneur
My reality check response to "Date an Entrepreneur"
Why Girls (and Boys) Should Learn How to Code
Coding should be taught early on
Essays, etc.
Parity is not enough.
Thoughts on International Women's Day
Painting a Life
The Real Thing
Advice to My 21-year-old Self
Your Marriage Will Fail
The Hidden Realities of Leaning In
Eat Less Give More
How we changed one consumption behavior, and donated over $500
Choice Architecture and the Bradley Manning Verdict
How behavioral economics is used to shift perception away from Manning’s espionage convictions
Killing the Messenger
The US government’s persecution of whistleblowers is akin to the jailing of dissenters in authoritarian regimes, and undermines democracy's very foundation — the public’s right to know.
Two things that changed my life this past year
Reflections on life
When Facebook Ads Fail Miserably
A rant
Review of Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Reflections on documentary about Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei
Review of Miss Representation
Why you should watch this documentary about the influence of mass media on women
How Not to Hail a Cab on NYE
A mini-story
Dear Lego, Please Get it Right this Time
Lego's attempts to win over girls are misguided
The Value of Good Writing
Why I write